Welcome to the F.A.Q. section of haneyart.org. This page will answer any questions you may have about this site, please read through before contacting Scott with any requests or question related to this or possible project collaborations.

Do you do free-lance work?
This answer is yes, however not all projects are open to an immediate yes, the nature of the project, requirements, and any all current job/project conflicts and any or conflicts of interest will always be considered beforehand.

How much do you work for?
All free-lance work is a per project basis, flat rates only.

Will you link my site?
I only link sites that I have worked at one time or another and respective affiliates.

What kind of work can you do?
Logos, web banners, Flash, Site Design and Implementation, Flyers, Posters, and any all Layout work. When it comes to my considered area of expertise it is FLASH and Photoshop.

I like your web site may a post of link of your site on mine?
Yes by all means you may do so, but as I said before about links, do not expect your site to be posted here as a result of it.